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The Cargo Control Group was founded 1970 in Bremen, Germany. Over the last 40 years, the company has developed from a local inspection and forwarding company into a worldwide operating service organization represented by more than 40 offices/agents located all over the globe.
We provide almost all services which are indispensable for the International Trade Community, such as logistics & warehousing, monitoring, quality control, weight control and certification.
On the basis of our main commodity, raw cotton, we have been able to extend our services to other commodities such as grains and metals. More than 200 staff members, each of them an expert in his or her field, assure the constant high level of service and competence that our customers have come to expect.
It has been and it always will be one of our fundamental aims to create and offer service products in trading areas of the world where the necessary infrastructure and know-how have not reached their highest levels and where the market requires an efficient and reliable partner to facilitate trading activities and commodity finance.
Our services are governed exclusively by the ADSp 2016.

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